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Design your life, with the things you want, without those you don't. Your health is serious. And, you don't need to be serious about it. 


Evidence based change and transformation via a certified functional health coach. Personalised, bespoke and premium.

Does the noise inside your head sometimes feel like a highway, but you'd like it to feel more like a forest?

How would you like to develop an ability to choose what actions you take, that aren't simply based on how you've always done things? 

A life of intentionality, purpose, and meaning? 

I support people who want to create their future, one experiment at a time. 
Siôn Kemp Health Coaching is offering a free 60 minute session.

ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach (Coach / Life Coach)

After 20 years of drive and ambition, working in my dream job for the biggest company in the world, I eventually could not ignore my thinking... there must be more to life. I ventured on a path of transformation, in health, in my career, in relationships, in being a father, and in what it means to be a human being on planet Earth. I continue to create how I want my life to be, and it still feels like I'm just getting started. I consider myself a walking human experiment.

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