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I was preparing for some major changes in my life and career as a business owner and chef. Initially, I was showing up “prepared” for what I thought this coaching thing was all about. I wanted to put my best foot forward and look like I totally had it together. We discussed goals and visions for the future. It was inspiring and motivating, as I changed careers and began a new chapter in my life. Siôn has created this safe space for me, without me even realising it. And in this safe space, I was becoming more honest and real about where I was at. This is when the work truly began.

It is where I know I can be open and honest. It is a time when I can clearly see the woman I am striving to become, and my best possible self on the horizon. Siôn asks me questions that no one ever asks. He makes me look at myself, relationships, and situations in a new way. He never tells me what to do or how to see the world. He gently guides me so I can get out of own way, and figure it out on my own. Each session is like a fire being kindled, and I try to carry that flame with me throughout the week. I finally realised that I can always carry that flame inside me. Siôn is a catalyst, stoking the fire, and reminding me that I am the keeper of the flame.

I am especially grateful to have found Siôn. His compassion and ability to provide a space where I can flourish is something I wish everyone could have.


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