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What do you really want?

Siôn Kemp at the coast in winter

Working in my dream job, married with two small children, a brand new car, a nice bike, living in a lovely home in a desirable location, in the process of renovating and making it our own. Life was good, right? Yet there was something deeply unsatisfying about my daily endeavours that felt disconnected from who I knew I was, and where I truly desired to be in my life.

I was aligned with my drive and ambition, but I could feel something telling me "this can’t be it". The treadmill of work, climbing the career ladder, is this where I have to go? It can't be like this, for the next 25 years, there must be more to it. I could feel it. I could sort of see it in my mind's eye, but I don’t know that I would have been able to find the courage and honesty to describe it to someone in words - or to myself more importantly.

With views across the ocean, a vista over moorland, or in small meaningful connections in my life, I could see that what I was continually chasing and going after, had much less value than these other aspects which seemed out of reach to me in so many ways. Holidays and beach trips didn’t seem to quench my thirst for whatever it was I was looking for.

20 years in sales and leadership, travelling internationally, and then landing my dream job for the biggest company in the world, I was on the right trajectory and could easily be described as successful. 


I wanted more. What’s in your “more”? What would it take to get to that place? What behaviours are holding you back? Would you like to see if I can support you? 

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