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A Priceless Weekend of Connection and Gratitude

I landed back home after a dreamy weekend away, the sunshine streaming through the window around 6:30 and the melodic birdsong filling me with a profound sense of gratitude. This weekend was a true gift, a reminder of the abundance of life and the priceless connections that sustain us.

Spending time with my children, my partner, and my dear friends of over 3 decades was a nourishing experience that went beyond mere recreation. I watched with joy as my daughters found connection and camaraderie with other children, their eyes filled with admiration for the older ones and a sense of guidance for the younger ones. The photographs I captured over those four days are a vivid elixir, an example of life's abundance.

Although the costs of such a getaway – the preparation, the travel, and the energy expenditure – were tangible, the overall experience was priceless. As one of my friends aptly put it, this weekend couldn’t have a price tag, existing in a realm beyond limitations or confinement. It is a highlight of my year, a cherished tradition that rejuvenates and connects us on a deeper level.

We danced freely to the rhythms of old and new DJ’s, my body moving uninhibited in a way it hadn't in years, fueled by the pure joy of the moment. In one instance, I listened to my heart's call, allowing my daughters a few more precious moments to watch the end of a movie while I savoured the blissful music, moving in sync with its gentle flow.

Reconnecting with friends who know me better than anyone else on this planet, I felt my internal furnace reignite, and I fell in love again with these kindred spirits and the beautiful life we share. As one dear friend embraced me, his words cut through the noise: "Seeing you has made my whole weekend." In that moment, tears flowed freely, a reminder that beneath everything, love and connection are the underpinning foundations of our lives.

Having been on a cancer journey this past year, this weekend felt like a true gift, never guaranteed. It was a poignant reminder to cherish these moments, to embrace the abundance of life, and to let love and gratitude guide our steps. As I miss these dear friends, I am reminded that this missing is a form of love – a testament to the priceless connections that enrich our lives beyond measure.

This weekend, like the relationships that make it, is worth protecting. What values do you have that you protect? What is worth the extra input and energy because the payback or reward is so bountiful? 

It would be remiss of me not to remind you that I am growing my private practice once more, and I’m looking for 60-90 minutes of your time to see what transformations could be unlocked from a coaching conversation. It is an exchange: you get to receive the gifts on offer through a powerful conversation, and I get to practice my craft whilst developing my business and growing awareness of what the work has to offer. Please do feel free to book a session with me

With love and a renewed sense of purpose,


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