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I'm not neglecting creativity

Updated: Mar 20

I used to think that there were "creative types" in the world that had special abilities when it came to things like music, photography, poetry and art. One of the transformations in my life accelerated during a residential on Dartmoor in the spring of 2023. I knew deep down inside me that we all have a thread of creativity that requires an outlet, having played the guitar on and off since I was 10. Still, I held a deep-seated belief that I wasn't particularly creative and that it was only a small selection of chords that maintained my relationship with a guitar. During this residential, I let go of all my inhibitions about putting pen to paper and started to discover the joy of writing. And this is distinct from the journalling practice that I have developed over the years. It has surprised and delighted me. It's apparent to me now that we all have many threads of creativity that run through us, we need to allow them the outlets that provide a pathway towards becoming.

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