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Slightly too early yet grateful

Motility has me calculate how long in my head

I stuff my feet into semi laced boots

Damp hangs as I clamber down the slope

Cuckoo provides the atmosphere

Gentle conversation with fellow dreamer

The tick and blow of the heater

Tea is brewing

My hideaway piece of heaven warms up

I am having all of my needs met in this moment

The tallness of trees skirting this enclave

Keeps me and holds me

Darjeeling on Dartmoor never tasted so good

Thickness of the morning dilutes

Grey blanket brightens with hope

Why do I come away to the seclusion and remoteness of the highest dwelling in the south of England? Because I am worth investing time and resource into. My reserves need replenishing and I am worthy of dedicated connection time - with myself, with nature, and with a small group of other such likeminded, or better said, like-hearted people.

We return to what feels like a spiritual home to heal, to acknowledge our roots and our past, and to ask once more for the guidance we all seek to carry ourselves and our messages gently and purposefully into the world. We fully engage the pause button and the tape is now stationary for 24 hours. It’s just us and this ancient landscape. There is nothing else.

Seasonality, I am learning to embrace the changing tide in my life. Sometimes a requirement for all action and high octane energy, and yet more often these days a requirement for introspection and calm – a gathering of myself into a clutch I can put my arms around. It can feel like I’m applying the handbrake to an already dawdling vehicle. The noise in my head tells me I should always be moving forward at pace. So I do, and sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, and yet we all require moments of stopping, a decidedly purposeful and intentional retraction from the daily grind into a place of still. Here, you can reacquaint yourself with the tools of noticing and awareness.

What helps you slow down and pause? When do you notice yourself peddling too fast? What’s going on in your mind when this is happening?

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